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We sell and maintain equipment in the following areas:-

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Your local independent office equipment supplier!

SAMSUNG SL-M5370 Mono A4 Multi-Function Photocopier


Digital Office Solutions specialise in putting together cost effective ways of enhancing office productivity and at the same time improving quality of output whilst reducing operating costs.

OKI sell their products in two product ranges, they are identical apart from the consumables which will only fit the appropriate equipment:-

OKI MC Series - available through any distributor

OKI ES Series - only available through OKI approved resellers, DOS are OKI approved resellers.

Why choose the OKI “ES” model over an OKI “MC” series.

The running costs on an OKI ES series machines are  40% cheaper than the OKI MC equivalent.

Why buy new?

Spot the difference in the pictures below.

Our refurbished equipment comes with a one year warranty; we also recommend that you take out a 60 month maintenance agreement to ensure that the product functions like new for 5 years.

 A new multi-function product will come with starter toner cartridges (only 20% toner content of a standard cartridge) as soon as you have bought your new machine you will need a set of cartridges at close to £500.

A refurbished OKI ES8460 will be 66% cheaper than a new OKI ES8460 machine.

We buy every second hand OKI ES-8460 series machine we can, we then carryout a comprehensive refurbishment replacing all the consumables parts, we then test the equipment, we also ensure that there is at least 40% toner level (160% across the 4 colours) prior to delivery. We currently have several machines available, which have very low meter readings some less than 50,000 prints, considering the machine has a duty cycle of 40,000 print a month these are very low volume machines. We also offer a one year warranty on all our “refurbished” products.

You have a choice, we will always quote an outright purchase price, but you can opt to rent the equipment over a three year period with an ownership option at the end.

How you choose to purchase the machine does not affect your maintenance options, you can have a cost per copy agreement or choose to pay for time & materials. Should you choose the time & materials option you have to understand that the lease rental remains in force for 3 years whether the machine is working or not.

Maintenance, do I need it?

This is entirely up to you; you can opt to pay for everything as and when needed on a time & materials basis.

Or you can opt for a cost per copy maintenance agreement, as the name implies you pay a cost per copy for example - Black is 0.5p per print and the colour is 2.9p per print. With a cost per copy agreement DOS supply all labour, spare parts and consumable (excluding toner) free of charge. We charge for toner as we feel this is the best way solution for both parties (see cautionary note below) toners are rated for 10,000 prints at 5% resolution, if you only use colour for a small letterhead you may get 20,000 copies out of a toner, but if you choose to print full page colour it will be considerably less. These values are based on colour copies (some manufacturers charge by the development, a development is a cyan, magenta or yellow scan. To print brown your meter will increase by three clicks as you need all three colours to make brown).

OKI ES8460 Toner Costs - Black £27.00, Colour £75.00

Caution - We are seeing and hearing of a lot of instances of people purchasing equipment on what appears to be very cheap maintenance agreements which include toner, the supplier states that toners will produce 40,000 images. After several months the clients receive a letter informing them that they are only achieving 10,000 copies per toner, the maintainers then increases the service charges by up to 400%, these are legally binding agreements and the client has no choice but pay the increased charges for the remaining four and half year duration of the agreement.

Remember a copier is like a car, new or second-hand it’s only as reliable as the last person to service it!

Our engineers have:-

"NEW" OKI ES8461cdtn


OKI ES8461cdtn

OKI ES8460cdtn

RRP £4098.00 + vat

DOS Price £2322.91 + vat

RRP £4098.00 + vat

DOS Price £1095.00 + vat

1 Years Warranty

1 Years Warranty

Ships with starter toner cartridges

Black 2.5k

Cyan 2.5k

Magenta 2.5k

Yellow 2.5k

We ensure that there is at least 40% toner level (160% across the 4 colours) prior to delivery

Black 4k

Cyan 4k

Magenta 4k

Yellow 4k

Replacement Toner

Black £27.00 + vat

Colours £75.00 + vat

Replacement Toner

Black £27.00 + vat

Colours £75.00 + vat

OKI ES8460cdtn Outright purchase

or OKI ES8460cdtn Lease rental

Outright purchase price  

£1095.00 + vat

payment due 14 days after delivery

Lease rental price   

35 monthly payments of £33.58 + vat

     1 final ownership payment of £150.00 + vat

     £1325.30 + vat Total paid on rental over 3 years


A4 Price. A3 Output

The ES8460 signifies the start of a new era in colour multi-functional products. Delivering A3 print copy scan and fax in a compact footprint not normally available in a product in this segment, the ES8460 will consume all your A4 and A3 output requirements but will not use up your budgets on floor space.

Available in desktop or floor standing configurations and with a choice of paper handling options, the ES8460 MFP will enhance output efficiency for small workgroups and small businesses, delivering all the benefits of full colour output together with flexible scanning and traditional fax capability.

The flexible configuration and compact size of the ES8460 MFP allows you to increase output efficiency by providing a variety of deployment strategies that will best meet the requirements of your business.

And the impeccable credentials don’t stop there, ease of use and network integration further enhance the ES8460 MFP.

Key Features and benefits

Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

4 in 1 functionality at your fingertips A combination of A4 print speeds (up to 26ppm colour and 34ppm mono), 1200 x 600 dpi resolution and ProQ2400 Multi-level print technology ensures that the ES8460 MFP delivers outstanding results without compromise.

High volume applications are swiftly handled via the standard 50 sheet reverse automatic document feeder.

The ES8460 MFP also offers true professional fully featured ITU-T G3 standard fax capability. The 14.5 cm LCD touch-screen simplifies the sending of faxes to assist business efficiency , add to this the a full array of scan features enabling you to scan to folder, e-mail, FTP, HTTP or USB Memory stick at the touch of a button.


Smart data protection

Get complete peace of mind with the enhanced security features of the ES8460 MFP, for absolute control and to ensure confidentiality is maintained where appropriate, print jobs  can be subjected to 256 bit encryption. Add to this secure Print, Secure Erase and the ability to restrict unnecessary usage, you canbe assured that your data and your investment are protected.


Ultra compact A4 and A3 MFP

The ES8460 MFP is an ultra-compact multifunction product offering all the flexibility and benefits of A3 printing in a footprint similar to an A4 MFP for workgroups or small businesses. Since office space is usually at a premium, that’s a big advantage. The Es8460 sits comfortably on or next to any desk and is so affordable that you can print, scan, copy and fax without breaking your budget.

Ease of use

Stylish design & functionality

The clear intuitive touch screen reduces the number of user interactions required to control advanced functionality, making even the most complex tasks fast and easy. Being closer to the desktop, the device improves productivity and installs an increased level of confidence. Functions such as job interrupt allow you to prioritise your workload and gives access functions such as copy, scan or fax for urgent requirements.

More flexibility

Unleash your creative side

The ES8460 MFP takes care of the day to day requirements in a high performance multi-functional device. The flexibility of formats allows you to print posters, charts or booklets, while the software included in the machine enables you to create everything from business cards and CD labels to banners at the click of a mouse button. Standard double sided printing is included in all models reducing paper use and saving costs.

Why OKI Printing Solutions

OKI printer specialist background pays dividends

Unlike other photocopier manufacturers who have taken copier technology to make mulit-functional products, OKI’s specialist knowledge of the printer market has led to the compact foot print of the ES8460 and its reliable patented LED technology now being employed by several other manufacturers under license. Also you benefit from OKI’s philosophy that a multi-functional product should come with print, copy, scan and fax as standard. Other manufacturers will want to charge a premium to add these features.

The OKI Executive Series ES8460 Multi-function features at a glance Download OKI ES8460 PDF

OKI Executive Series colour A3 photocopier ES8460dn sales Crawley Sussex and Surrey

OKI Executive Series colour A3 photocopier ES8460cdtn sales Crawley Sussex and Surrey

OKI Executive Series colour A3 photocopier ES8460cdxn sales Crawley Sussex and Surrey




Print speed

A4 26 ppm colour, 34 ppm mono, A3 15 ppm colour, 17 ppm mono

Print quality

ProQ2400 Multi-level technology, 1200 dpi x 600 dpi

Printer languages

PCL5e, PCL6 (Windows) PostScript (Windows/Mac)

Scan document input

50 sheet reverse automatic document feeder (RADF), Platen glass

Copy speed

A4 26 ppm colour, 34 ppm mono, A3 15 ppm colour, 17 ppm mono

Fax speed

ITU-T G3 (Super G3) 33.6kbps, 3 seconds per page

Fax page memory

16Mb - Approximately 1024 pages

Paper capacity

400 sheets of 80gsm

930 sheets of 80gsm

1460 sheets of 80gsm

Dimensions (HxWxD)






Standard: 512Mb (2 x 512Mb) Maximum 768Mb (1 x 512Mb 1 x 256Mb)

Hard disk drive

Standard: 40Gb

2nd tray + tall cabinet




2nd & 3rd tray + low cabinet





Optional 512Mb

OKI MC860dn review in "PC PRO" magazine


OKI’s latest MFP colour laser printer is small and packed with features. For an A3 sized printer its  great value

Reviewed by

Dave Mitchell

Machine Reviewed

Entry level OKI ES8460dn price when reviewed £2340.00 + vat

Please note the features and functions of the ES8460 are identical to the MC860, but Toner costs are 40% cheaper

Overall Rating

Features & Design

Value for Money


OKI Executive Series colour A3 photocopier ES8460dn review by by PC Pro Magazine Crawley Sussex and SurreyOki’s latest A3 colour laser does more than the competition in a lot less space for much less cash. Despite its extensive capabilities, the MC860 is remarkably compact, and quoted A4 print speeds are a nifty 26ppm for colour and 34ppm for mono.

According to our tests, the MC860 delivers on all counts, printing 34-page Word document in 61 seconds and our 24 page heavy duty colour DTP document in 52 seconds. The latter took the same time on General 600dpi and fine 1,200 x 600dpi driver settings, and only seven seconds more on PROQ2400 option.

Copy operations are slower, with a 12- page colour document taking 66 seconds, for an average of 11ppm. Expect 16ppm for mono copies, with the same document reproduced in 45 seconds. The MC860 delivers a wealth of features as you can run scans of documents directly to email, local and network PC’s or to USB storage devices inserted in the front port.

For network scans you can create profiles using the touchscreen panel, where you describe the destination system, the target folder and whether the image should be a PDF, JPG, XPS, or TIFF format. We had no problem sending scanned documents directly to a folder on our test server over CIFS and FTP.

OKI’s configuration tool can remotely add entries and import text files to lists on the printer for fax speed dials, group phone books, email addresses and copy destination profiles. We were able to configure the printer’s email settings and copy documents directly to email attachments, and access to printer functions can be strictly controlled with user names and PIN numbers.

The 40Gb hard disk is for storing document overlays, fonts and macros, and can automatically collate multiple documents. Confidential prints can be spooled to the hard disk and held back until the operator enters their PIN number at the printer. OKI also provides a simple utility for remotely accessing the drive and managing its contents.

OKI’s software includes the Actkey utility, which pulls documents directly from the printer to a local folder over a USB connection. A system tray tool alerts you when a print is completed or a fax has been received or sent, and the package is rounded off woith ScanSoft OmniPage SE4 and PaperPort SE OCR and other document utilities.

Colour output is very good, with photographs and reports bearing the characteristic vibrancy and high levels of detail we’ve come to expect from OKI printers. Colour scans of reports are a little grainy, and the quality drops when scanning photos on mono. There consumables galore but running costs are low, with a colour page costing 5.6p and a mono page just under a penny.

The MC860 is an office all-rounder that delivers on features, quality and speed. It’s compact and offers plenty of expansion options.

Author: Dave Mitchell, PC PRO Magazine.

Download PDF

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